Benjamin Moore Locations

Benjamin Moore Locations

Benjamin Moore has a wide network of independent retail outlets also known as Benjamin Moore Locations from where customers can procure the paints, stains and applicators of Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore paint dealers offer ready stocks of all types of paints for interior decoration, exterior application, commercial coatings and high-end paintings. The customers can select their favorite paint in the colors of their choice at these stores. These outlets are very prompt in providing individual attention to all customers that visit the shop. The technical sales staffs on duty at these retail shops assist their customers in selecting the right product and customers can also have free technical advice pertaining to their projects. The customers can find out their nearest Benjamin Moore Paint retail store very easily by entering the address or zip code in the online store locator that is provided on the company’s website.

Try the samples first

The customers who visit the Benjamin Moore Locations to purchase their favorite paints need not straight away buy the entire quantity that they require to paint their home or office. The paints in each color are available in sample packs containing 16 Oz of the particular paint that can cover two areas each 4” x 4”. The customer can ask his professional painter to apply the sample somewhere on the wall inside the house so that they can have a clear idea as to how the wall will appear after applying that paint. They can also apply the sample over smaller areas to test how the paint will look in various conditions of sunlight, air and temperature. Benjamin Moore paints are available in more than 3000 different colors. Benjamin Moore also offers Color Gallery, which is a highly sophisticated tool for the selection of colors. In addition to showing the more than 3000 popular colors, the Color Gallery provided by Benjamin Moore also shows how perfect color combinations can be made using the colors selected by the customer.

Order online

Now customers can place their order for paints online with Benjamin Moore and can collect the goods from their nearest Benjamin Moore locations. While placing the order online they can opt to pick up from the retail store and also mention the name of the local retailer. The company will send an email to them accepting the order and on receipt of the email they can go and pick up the paints from the local dealer.

Washable interior paint

For those who want to repaint the interiors of their home Benjamin Aural interior paint is an awesome choice. The Aura interior paint is of incredible quality with regard to durability, wash-ability and rub-off resistance, maintenance of the fresh look, mildew resistance, easy application and low volatility. Aura interior painting is the premium choice of those who want to buy the best quality paint for their home interiors. The paint is provided with a primer and this paint ensures an excellent touch up. Similarly Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint is available in all colors and offers an outstanding appearance of the ceiling. These ceiling paints are resistant to spatter. Customers can pick up these very special types of paints in their favorite colors when they visit the Benjamin Moore Locations.

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